Hire our vintage ice cream tricycle

for any type of event

Ice Cream

Hire our ice cream tricycle for any type of event either wedding, party, anniversary, corporate, christening, fairs, school fundraising to name a few...


The bike can be dressed to any theme and we serve unlimited ice cream to all guests served in their choice of either cone or tub in various sizes.  All dietary requirements can be catered for weather it be gluten free, dairy free, vegan, or diabetic.


Package includes:


- a choice of 5 flavours from out joe Delucci’s remarkable Italian Gelato / Sorbet

- 2 hours serving time

- unlimited to all guests

- full public liability insurance, PAT tested and 5*FSA

- friendly fully trained serving staff

- self serve toppings and sauces table

- bike decorated to suit the theme

- varied sizes of cones and tubs

Pricing Ice Cream Sorbets

Number of Guests  :  Price

0 - 50  :  £275

51 - 100  :  £350

101 - 150  :  £425

151 - 200  :  £500

201 - 250  :  £575

250+  :  Enquire




Vaniglia di Madagascar V/GF

Cioccolato (chocolate) V/GF

Caramella mots (toffee) V/GF

Ciokomenta (mint choc chip) V/VE/DF

Banana. V/GF

Salted caramel. V/ GF

Stracciatella ( vanilla with choc chip). V/ GF

Fior de panna (white V/GF

Nocciolata (chocolate & hazelnut) V/GF

Oreo cookies & cream V

A Nido d'ape (honeycomb) V/GF

Tiramisv V

Fragola e panna Strawberries & cream) V/GF

Cocco (coconut) V/GF

Arancia Rosso (fruit salad) WIT/ GF

Crema (classic cream) V/GF

Cioccolato & Arancia (chocolate & orange) V/GF

Noce & Fico (walnut & fig) V/ GF

Lemon sorbet. V/ /VE/DF/GF

Raspberry sorbet. V/VE/DF/GF

Lime sorbet V/VE/DF/GF

Limone & vodka V/GF/DF

Mango sorbet V/VE/GF/DF

Passion fruit V/VE/GF/DF

Strawberry sorbet V/VE/GF/DF

Fruit salad (orange, lemon & carrot) V/VE/DF/GF



V = vegetarian.

GF = Gluten Free.

DF = Dairy Free.

VE += Vegeterian.


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